Graphic design refers to an artistic expression and a creative process leading to several professional Disciplines. A graphic designer relies on his or her creative instincts to create spectacular and apt typography with visual backgrounds and page compositions. Film Designers are creative minds that can weave a story from words to visuals using different processes of film making. The final layered output is a visual treat and a work of art. This course offers a unique combination of graphic and Film design; a unique blend of artistic output.


  1. Graphic Design Fundamentals
  2. Photography
  3. Humanities & Design
  4. Storytelling & Scriptwriting
  5. Psychology & Human Behaviour
  6. Music Appreciation
  7. Advertising
  8. Typography
  9. Interactive Workshops
  10. Short Film Making
  11. Documentary and Feature Films
  12. Music and Dance Appreciation
  13. Choreography
  14. Cinematography
  15. Internship and Placement


Product design is a process by which new products are marketed and sold in the retail world. Ideas are conceptualized, evaluated through a systematic approach of scientific and design studies. A product designer combines his /her knowledge of arts, humanities, creative ideas and technology which results into a flawless superfluous product; made available. The course offers knowledge of all such digital software and tools required to become a successful product manager, a marketing manager or an industrial designer.


  1. Product Design Fundamentals
  2. Photography
  3. Humanities & Design
  4. Materials and Processes
  5. History of Industrial Design
  6. Anthropometry and Ergonomics
  7. CAD & Digital Rendering WACOM
  8. Manufacturing Processes
  9. Package Designing
  10. Design Ethnology
  11. Sustainable - green design
  12. Product Story telling
  13. Creative Intervention
  14. Product innovation & Patenting
  15. Internship and Placement


A fashion designer visualizes, observes, feels and creates a fabric to suit a human body in different climates during a year, different times during a day and for a specific event or even a moment. The skills require understanding of apparel and accessories which are aesthetically pleasing to the eye; with colours, dyes and textures, contouring the human body to its perfect proportions, flow and fall. The course offers thorough and in-depth expertise on how to become a successful fashion and accessory designer and make every common man dress like a celebrity.


  1. Fashion Design Fundamentals
  2. Fashion Photography
  3. Humanities & Design
  4. History of Fashion evolution, trends and trendsetters
  5. Celebrity fashion
  6. Ramp Walk and Trade Shows
  7. Fashion marketing
  8. Makeup and Styling
  9. Media and Fashion PR
  10. Design Criticism
  11. Fabric Sciences
  12. Fashion Tailoring
  13. Event Planning and theme design
  14. Boutique and Management practices
  15. Image management and Consulting


Interior design, also called interior architecture involves architecture and design for offices, homes, retail, restaurants and various other kinds of interior spaces. The course imparts all the necessary skills required to create beautiful and comfortable interior spaces. There is a high level of emphasis on training so that students become professional interior designers. Students will be awarded a Diploma in Interior design by Gujarat University on successful completion of the course. There are various career options available for the students like working with interior design firms, architecture firms, furniture manufacturing and designing firms, work as an independent interior designer or just as an exciting new hobby.

We see and experience design in our daily lives. Design is song, it is the music we experienced and the emotion that we feel. Khyati Institute of Design is inspired by life and design that surrounds us. A premier institute offering education which reflects our cultural values with rich taste of knowledge and the state of the art technology required to achieve it. College life at Khyati is fun with practical hands on training and curriculum - out door workshops and in class teachings.

Three Year Diploma of Design Program with Specialization.
New and unique curriculum
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